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Reliable and innovative solutions
What we do

We’re innovative, creative and enthusiastic in our approach to electronic design with a wealth of experience within industrial and domestic control applications.

We have the ability to revitalise existing products, or to design and
develop innovative new ones. Our offering is bespoke, personalised,
and completely client-focused.

We work closely with our clients to ensure a comprehensive understand of the requirements. We offer a full range of electronic services including design, development, contracting, engineering, test, contract assembly and manufacture, feasibility studies, specification studies and EMC pre-compliance. We also operate in-house facilities for PCB production batches.

We have a broad skill set, primarily: power supplies, embedded control, instrumentation and measurement, control, data manipulation and storage, EMC solutions, communications and human interface, key entry and display.

Whatever the challenge, we relish problem solving and will embrace product and project management principles taking responsibility for the entire solution, from design to delivery.

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We are a strong process-driven business that has, over the years, developed a process that allows creativity whilst maintaining a balance between the creative work and the commercial delivery.

At the start of any project, we creatively explore the product design solution, including risk and mitigation. At this stage we also explore the product life expectance to ensure we use the appropriate ‘future proof’ technology. As the project progresses, we define the engineering solution for design delivery. Historically, this process enables a more cost-effective design solution with enhanced capabilities, improved user interface and a longer product life-cycle through selective component use.

And this is all with the commercial understanding of compliance, speed to market, staying within budgets and deadlines, and the potential future development of the product.

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Design for manufacture

We have a sound understanding of the processes and techniques used within all scales of electronics manufacturing, gained through years of experience as well as by having our own in-house manufacturing capabilities. As a result we are better able to create designs suited to these processes. A further benefit of having in-house production expertise is that our engineers work with production staff to develop an optimal design for your product and its manufacturing requirements. This also ensures a smooth transition from design to manufacture.

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In-house manufacturing

Offering a one-stop solution, we can also provide product manufacture. We have extensive experience in high-reliability, robust designs for extreme environments. For small and medium quantities we manufacture in-house; where large scale production runs are required we can rely on strategic partnerships with facilities in the UK, Eastern Europe and Asia.

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PCB assembly

We offer quality PCB assembly and procurement of components, sourced in both UK or overseas; we deal with numerous suppliers and manufacturers and are able to source components at very competitive rates.

Surface Mount Assembly  Prototyping and small batch builds are completed by our specialist PCB assembly operatives in our own production department. For larger batch builds and CEM requirements we utilise the specialist services of one of our UK or FE manufacturing partner companies. These use the latest technology pick and place machines giving the ultimate in flexibility and productivity. We only work with companies who can offer SM assembly carried out in a full ESD protected and climatic controlled environment in line with relevant guidelines, and offering optimum process control and minimum machine set-up times.

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In-house prototyping and Pre-production

We are also able to design prototypes and pre-production versions of your product.

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