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Case study 3


Link Instruments Ltd - The company that went into Liquidation

The Problem

A local company approached us with a slight problem – the company that made their best selling unit was no longer able to – they needed a new supplier, fast. So they requested that, if they sent us a unit to investigate, could we redesign and improve?

The solution

We investigated the unit and found that yes, we could, in fact, redesign the unit and improve on it a great deal. We improved the ultrasonics on it, and added an LCD screen, so that the customers could see a lot more data than they had before, also the screen was backlit so that the user could use it in badly lit areas or even in the dark. Being that this unit is mostly used on ships we thought it was an improved design feature.


We have since worked with the customer to update the electronics and improve the unit even further.

We continue to manufacture the units and have manufactured hundreds
in three versions so far.

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