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Case study 2


South West Trains - Train safety problem

The Problem

South West Trains approached us and were looking for a solution that would provide automatic door locking and safety features to their older ‘slam door’ passenger carriages to comply to the Railway Safety Directive.

The solution

Initially we consulted with the customer, defined the requirements and proposed options - including a operator/driver control panel. We then designed the mounting and physical aspects of the PCB that provided the control for the driver/operator to lock one side of the train, or the other, or both. Finally, prototypes were constructed and the performance was thoroughly reviewed and tested. On approval, orders to manufacture sets of PCBs for each train carriage were efficiently managed and the final product was dispatched to South West Trains engineering teams for installation into the carriages.


Within a short time frame Pentlow Electronics manufactured the required product components and collaborated with South West Trains engineering team to install the system within all the older train carriages. Prompt turn-around of a smart solution ensured South West Trains quickly returned their older carriages back into service, with the obvious cost savings and in keeping with the required safety legislation.

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