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Case study 1


Braude - Corrosive liquid controls unit

The Problem

We were approached by a local company whose product was being made by several people at different locations. When the component parts were brought together the person in charge of final assembly had to rework parts of the unit before he could start to assemble the finished product which cost time and money.

The solution

Working closely with the customer, we redesigned the unit making the unit up to date, more reliable and easier to produce. We then produced a prototype which was approved by the customer.

They said it was more user friendly for their customers and their engineers said it was easier to install as it was already tuned and just needed some small adjustments on installation. We then started to manufacture the units in house and still continue to do so.


We are looking towards the future with this company and are looking to improve the units still further as technology still moves on at a pace none of us can afford to stand still for too long.

They are happy that we take on board their ideas as well as giving them our own and will continue to do so.

We now manufacture from one set of PCB’s instead of six different items. Should any changes be required, it is just a matter of reprogramming the unit – not replacing. So, cost savings in all directions. We have subsequently upgraded the units and have more in mind. Return on the original investment?... not known to us, but the client was exceptionally happy!

Corrosive liquid controls units
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